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Foodsharing enables people of all ages, working areas and social backgrounds to come together and unite against food waste. Our motto is: Share it – don’t toss it.

We are a voluntary organization in Ottawa that takes care of all the food you cannot sell or use anymore.

As a flexible and local organised community we also take products with damaged packages, ugly produce as well as food which is out of date. As a grassroots organisation we are hoping to lead some causes which councillors, food banks, stores and citizens may finally be ready to get behind.


Here are some of the businesses we work with


In case you are wondering where all the food goes

How it works

Our volunteers pick up the food you don’t want anymore and share it with other charities and non profit organisations, friends, neighbours and the Foodsharing network. 

We take care of everything. We pick up, sort through and share it again. 


About 95 percent of the food we throw away ends up in landfills or combustion facilities. Taxpayers spend nearly $5 million a year getting rid of food waste that’s not composted. About 20% of Canada’s methane emissions (a greenhouse gas that traps more heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide) come from landfills.

When people toss food they are mostly not aware that they waste all the resources to grow, ship and produce it too. The lost water from food waste in North America is like leaving the tap running and pouring 40 trillion litres of water down the drain.


We are dreaming about a world where Foodsharing is made redundant. A world where no food is wasted in the production line as well as at home. The farmers don’t have to leave food behind and the store owners and customers take what’s left. We are aiming for a lower food production and a more sustainable use of resources to reduce our carbon footprint.


With Foodsharing we want to raise awareness of food waste and the responsibility each of us bears for the loss of nearly half of the world’s food production. We provide a platform that allows consumers to reduce food waste and to rescue unsold food.