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Prevent Food Waste / Sunday, January 14th, 2018

Before you go check what’s already there. Before leaving the house for your weekly grocery trip check your fridge and pantry. What’s left and what do you need to buy? Plan meals beforehand and make a grocery list to avoid impulse buys. Make sure you just add new items to the list when they are used up. You don’t need a fourth cereal box and you surely don’t need more cookies since you still have 5 boxes in your pantry.

Shop smart. With your grocery list in your hand you are less likely to buy things you don’t need. Buy items only when you have a plan for using them. Try buying grains, nuts, and spices from bulk bins so you can measure out exactly what you need and don’t over-buy (there is a difference between buying in bulk and buying from bulk bins; the former can actually create more waste if we buy more than we can realistically use). Bonus: This tip will save some cash.

Be realistic. If you live alone, you won’t need the same number of apples as a family of four (unless you really like apples). If you rarely cook, don’t stock up on goods that have to be cooked in order to be consumed (such as baking supplies or dried grains and beans).

Buy funny-looking produce. The cucumber is not straight or the carrots have a different size? Be brave and rescue them from the bin. There is no reason not to. The taste is exactly the same. Farmers usually have to toss 30% of their fruits and vegetables because they are not considered pretty enough.

Be creative. How often do you buy a product because you are planning a fancy dish for that dinner party – and then they cancel? But what happens with the ingredients? Don’t hide them in the back of your pantry or fridge and more important don’t throw them away. Be creative and use it in a different dish. Maybe this one is going to be your new favourite.


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