Community Fridge Pilot Program

Foodsharing Ottawa received the Just Change Grant in 2018 to fund our new and exciting Community Fridge Pilot Program.

The fridge will enable residents and businesses to share surplus food and for anyone to help themselves to quality food that would otherwise be wasted. Over 1,500 members, businesses, and private households in and around Ottawa are successfully sharing their surplus food on our Facebook Group “Share it – Don’t toss it!” since 2017. With the FSO Community Fridge we will take food sharing offline to make it accessible for everyone.

The stats around food waste in Canada are shocking. The average household throws away $1,100 worth of food every year. Every day we throw away 750,000 loaves of bread, 2.4 million potatoes, and 450,000 eggs. (source: Love Food Hate Waste Canada) We say that most of the food waste in Canada is avoidable and could have been eaten had it been better managed. The fridge is a simple solution to enable anyone in the area to share some of this surplus food – cutting costs and emissions. Let’s utilise our food and fight against waste!

The fridge will accept any kind of vegetables, bread, sandwiches and alike all within and after their best before date. To avoid any issues with food hygiene the fridge will not have raw meat, fish or eggs. ‘Home cooked’ food will not be accepted, only food prepared and cooked in Registered Food Businesses.

So what’s currently going on with this project?

Good news is that we got a fridge! Yaya! Our volunteer Madeleine (left in the picture)  spotted this beauty in one of the Buy Nothing Facebook groups.

We are currently looking for a suitable location. Sounds easier than done. Lot’s of questions we need to ask and lots of things we have to consider. Do we want the fridge to be outside and therefore available 24/7 or do we want it inside where it is protected from the elements? Should it be connected to a business or on private property? How do we manage the maintenance? You see where this is going.

We will get there and it will be awesome! Stay tuned.