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About Us

Foodsharing Ottawa was founded in 2015 by a group of volunteers passionate about reducing food waste. Our main focus is on rescuing surplus food from local businesses such as grocery stores and restaurants, and donating it back to the community where it’s needed. Through this work we are helping to reduce the environmental impact of food waste and address food insecurity in our community.

Our Food Donors

Foodsharing Ottawa has partnered with a wide range of businesses across Ottawa who generously donate their surplus or unwanted food.

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Donors that we work with

Food Recipients

We donate food to charities and not-for-profit organizations in Ottawa, who re-distribute it to those in need.

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Share it, don't toss it!

In addition to donating rescued food, Foodsharing Ottawa promotes smarter ways to reduce food waste.
Our Facebook page Share it - don't toss it! provides a platform for individuals and businesses in Ottawa to share food they don’t want to throw away.
Our campaigns and educational events focus on food-saving practices at home, such as food preservation, understanding sellby dates and smart food shopping.

Meet the Team

President & Board of Directors

Wendy Leung
Executive Director, Foodsharing Ottawa

Brandie Lekovic
Chair, Board of Directors

Daphne Wahnon
Secretary, Board of Directors

Priya Sreeraman
Treasurer, Board of Directors

Olga Tkachuk
Member of Board of Directors

Evan Dudley
Member of Board of Directors


Our awesome volunteers come from all over the city and support Foodsharing Ottawa in a variety of ways, from food rescue to social media.


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