Donate Food

Join the growing list of businesses that have partnered with Foodsharing Ottawa to reduce food waste.

We work with grocery stores, bakeries, hotels, restaurants, and farmers’ market vendors to find better uses for the surplus food they cannot sell. It’s a win-win-win for the business, the community and the environment.

FSO About Us

As a cooperating business you will enjoy
the following benefits:

Your food left-overs will be sorted and picked up from your site by our volunteers at a time that suits you
You will get recognition for your support on our website and our social media feeds
You will be helping reduce the environmental impact of food waste going to the landfill and saving on disposal costs
You will be supporting vital community-based organizations in our city
Best of all, your unwanted food will be going to a good home!

Worried about legal liabilities? Across Canada, the law provides protections for companies and individuals who choose to donate food rather than throw it away.

Find out more about the rules in Ontario that protect you here: Donation of Food Act 1994.

Is your organization interested in becoming a food donor?

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